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RealStat is a multiple regression hedonic econometric analysis software program for the valuation of all types of real estate. It requires the user to type information on the subject property, as well as comparable sales and then run the built-in regression function in Microsoft Excel. All report pages are then instantaneously ready for printing.RealStat operates as a template using Excel. Requires Excel 2000 or later for Windows.

This unique and powerful automated valuation model that allows the user to value real estate statistically in relation to comparable sales. Educated guesswork is replaced with scientific modeling to estimate property value. You need not be an expert in statistics to use this software. Simply enter information on a subject property and comparable sales and the software will do the work. A detailed report is instantaneously ready for printing.

Real Stat 4 was designed for use by real estate analysts, appraisers, brokers, salespersons and practitioners. It is fully automated requiring the user in input data on the subject property and the comparable sales. Then run the built-in Microsoft Excel regression function, save the results and print your reports. That's it!

RealStat operates as a template using Microsoft Excel. You must have Excel 2000 or later version for Windows installed on your computer to use this program. Excel for Macintosh is currently not supported.



RealStat, version 4 is $499

RealStat is sold via our exclusive reseller, RealData, Inc..


The following are many of the features that RealStat 4 provides:

RealStat is a quick and accurate valuation tool for appraisers, tax assessors, brokers, salespersons, analysts, lenders, portfolio managers and investors in residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

RealStat regression analysis does all the "number crunching" and produces a statistical value estimate based on market data. No more "educated guesses."

RealStat was created using the powerful Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet software, which provides you with a familiar and intuitive working environment.

RealStat has color-coded text and cells for ease of recognition. You simply enter the data on the subject property and the comparable sales.

RealStat allows you to convert the sale price to any one of 15 user-defined units of comparison by simply clicking a "spinner" command button. Market decisions are based on a unit of value. Homes are typically purchased based on the price of the house. However, industrial buildings are typically purchased based on the $/Sq. Ft. of gross building area; office and retail buildings on $/Rentable Area; apartment buildings on $/Apartment Unit, land on $/Acre or $/Front Foot; hotels on $/Sleeping Room; truck terminals on $/ Truck Door, etc. Select the unit of value that is appropriate for your analysis and valuation.

RealStat has a new print menu that operates with easy-to-use macro-driven command buttons. Just click a button and the reports are printed automatically.

RealStat is a fully automated model produces a virtually instantaneous estimate of value for a particular property.

RealStat has 52-page easy-to-understand user manual (PDF format) is included with the software.

RealStat has up to 16 independent and 1 dependent variables that are defined by the user that can be quantitative, qualitative or "dummy" variables.

RealStat reports, grids, tables, charts and graphs are calculated automatically and are ready for instant printing.

RealStat prints detailed statistical reports including analysis of variance (ANOVA), correlation coefficient (r), coefficient of determination (r2), standard error, F-statistic, T-distribution, P-value, and critical value and confidence level tables of "F" and "T" statistics.

RealStat prints 16 linear, and 16 linear/polynomial overlay regression graphs for 16 independent variables with the subject property identified along the trend line.

RealStat prints 16 residual graphs.

RealStat selects the "Top 50" comparable sales that are automatically sorted in rank order relative to the subject property. The program recommends the 50 most comparable sales for presentation in a report.

RealStat prints individual detailed description page and photo caption page for each comparable sale.

RealStat prints up to 10 comparable sales adjustment grids of 5 sales per page for a total of 50.

RealStat calculates adjustments for property rights (leased fee or leasehold via direct or yield capitalization), cash equivalency (financing for one or two loans), and conditions of sale.

RealStat with the capacity of Microsoft® Excel® has a maximum number of comparable sales records of more than 65,000. Typically a regression statistical sample will need 30 to 100 records for a regression analysis file.


The following are the benefits of using RealStat:

RealStat is state-of-the-art automated valuation technology that is easy to understand and implement.

RealStat valuation software is highly automated. It does the "number crunching" for you so you can spend your time productively analyzing the results.

RealStat produces regression charts that are easy to understand especially as evidence in a tax assessment appeal hearing or trial or other types of litigation.

RealStat automatically calculates market derived adjustments for up to 50 comparable sales and instantly produces up to 10 adjustment grids with five sales per grid.

RealStat is a time saving method that produces virtually instantaneous reports.

RealStat is an excellent tool for a review appraiser who can use RealStat to test the reasonableness of an appraisal report's adjustments and value estimate.

RealStat can be applied to comparable rental rates for the Income Capitalization Approach to Value or land sales for the Cost Approach to Value.


That's it! RealStat is fast, user friendly and productive. It gives you a market-supported estimate of value in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

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